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Acute Care Hospitals

Acute Care Hospitals

At one time, a workable strategy was, “Build it, and they will come.” Today hospitals face enormous and ever-changing challenges, so they must be smarter about their marketing and other business decisions. Altair can help by providing targeted marketing and data-driven insight.

New Movers
Providing value and a link to your healthcare system

Newcomers to your area need to establish relationships with care providers. Helping them do that will position your hospital as a valuable and helpful resource. We’ve executed numerous new mover campaigns for hospital systems to build awareness and preference among this important market segment.

Strategic Planning and Decision-Making
Understanding the patient

An in-depth knowledge of the patient is critical to effective decision-making. Whether it is targeting your marketing efforts, making decisions about expansion or consolidation, or reengineering the patient experience, you must understand the key characteristics of your patients: demographics, behaviors, attitudes, and the like. After reviewing a Patient Profile study with one client, he summed it up, “This affects everything.”

How Does Altair Get Better Results?
Fresher Data

In our 16+ years of compiling data, we’ve found that the fresher the data, the better the marketing results for our clients. We update daily and it pays off for you.

More Flexibility

We know speed and flexibility allows you more time to respond and react to market changes. Our data analysts are the best in the business, giving you more time to spend on the business while we take care of the data.

Powerful Analytics

We fix models built elsewhere that don’t work. How? Our Data Scientists know our data and are constantly using new techniques to squeeze more responses and better results for our clients campaigns.

Think we might be a good partner?

We have gathered many case studies showing how marketing managers are growing business by effectively using data and analytics with Altair.